New Portal to Update & Register to Vote for Fingal Area now Live.

Change to the supplementary register which was passed in Dáil and Seanad this week and applies only to the four Dublin local authorities for May’s local and European elections.

This is another option for people to be added to the register. New portal is There are some conditions so do read below information.

Postal - Special Voters Supplement

Sunday 28-04-2019 is the closing date for your Local Authority to receive an application for entry to the Supplement to the Postal or Special voters list for the European Parliament election and local elections

Supplement Closing Date

Tuesday 07-05-2019 is the closing date for your Local Authority to receive an application for entry to the Supplement to the register of electors for the European Parliament election and local elections.

Work is currently underway to improve the electoral registration system, and these regulations have been drafted in order to facilitate one improvement as part of this process. is a new electoral portal which will be a replacement for the current website. will provide users with the facility to check their electoral details in real time and will display up to date information. The system will aid in the preparation of the Register of Electors for the four Dublin Local Authorities, namely Dublin City Council, Fingal County Council, Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council and

South Dublin County Council, and other local authorities should they so wish to provide an online registration system. This facility will require the user to be signed up to The MyGovID for voluntary online interaction and assigning a unique Electoral Register ID to each new user. This is an optional facility and is in addition to the existing paper based process will provide users with a number of online services, including the following;

  • Able to register as a new voter online

  • Check electoral details online

  • Maintain/update electoral details online

Current Process

The current process for updating electoral details, including first time registration is a manual one. Applicants must complete a paper application form and submit it to their local authority for processing. In some circumstances, applicants must also present themselves at a Garda station or local authority office to verify their identity. will provide users with the facility to update their electoral details online. This will deliver greater efficiencies, significant cost and time savings for the local authority whilst also providing a better service to the public. will also remove the need for Garda/local authority verification which will also streamline the process from a customer and business perspective. It will also reduce the time currently needed to produce the register and in time will ensure the completion of a more complete and accurate register with less duplication or people being on the register who should be removed from it (e.g. deceased persons).

However, in order to be added on to the Supplement to the Register of Electors, Section14A (1) (a) of the 1992 Act currently requires an applicant to sign in the presence of a member of the Garda Síochána from the applicant’s local Garda station. Or if unable to comply with 14A (1)(a), Section 14A (1) (b) requires that that the applicant signs in the presence of an official of the relevant registration authority who must be satisfied of the applicant’s identity. The amendment as proposed will remove the need to attend either a local Garda station or the office of the registration authority in person provided the applicant complies with the requirements of the online system.

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