Landscaping work continues on Glebe Park Balrothery.

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

Following the recent planting of hundreds of new native trees around Glebe Park, Balrothery work has commenced this week to landscape the area leading onto the main road. This will offer welcome oversight from the main road and help protect the area and keep the amenity safe. While the removal of hedgerow is not always welcome, it is very encouraging that new planting was done prior to this work ensuring balance. A huge amount of thought has gone into this project with community engagement and liaising with all stakeholders including Tidy Towns, Balrothery Community Association and the local Balrothery Tennis Club, Balrothery FC and National School.

Playground Balrothery
Playground Balrothery

Balrothery Glebe Park

Last summer on foot of talking to members of the community concerns were raised that the existing boundary would block out oversight. Senator Lorraine Clifford-Lee made representations to Fingal County Council seeking to improve the over all aesthetic and open up the view onto the park. We were assured this work would be done as part of the Winter/Spring works programme.

Plans to open the play ground are imminent and I have been assured this will happen within weeks.

Cllr Tony Murphy has recently put forward a motion to Fingal County Council urgently seeking the sanction for preparation of the grounds to facilitate a second pitch for the hugely successful Balrothery Football Club. The council agreed the work was going to tender within the next two weeks.

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