Keady Supports Euro-candidate Andrews On his Visit to North Fingal

Barry Andrews with Darragh O’Brien, T.D. Senator Lorraine Clifford-Lee and Breda Tuite.

Fianna Fail Euro candidate, Barry Andrews and Local Election candidate, Niall Keady joined forces this week looking for votes in North Fingal.

“Barry has an enormous constituency to cover and he has been a frequent visit to Fingal,” explained Niall Keady. “We were delighted to see him visiting our ward again on his recent visit to Skerries.”

Mr Andrews is contesting the Dublin constituency which takes in all areas within the city and council areas of the capital. He is primarily concerned with protecting European democracy from extremists of the left and right and ensuring that all of Europe lives up to commitments for combating climate change.

“I am delighted to appear as a candidate for the Balbriggan ward at this time as many of the issues which concern Barry are concerns for the people of North Fingal. We are concerned about our environment. We are concerned about Brexit and welcome the support that European institutions have given Ireland over the past two years. I believe that Fianna Fail is offering determined leadership in this election on both European and local levels.

Accompanying Niall Keady and Barry Andrews on their canvass is the Fianna Fail spokesman on Housing and T.D. representing Dublin Fingal, Darragh O’Brien, T.D. Senator Lorraine Clifford-Lee and Breda Tuite.

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