Keady Signs Up to Equality Demands

Niall Keady, the Fianna Fail candidate in the upcoming Local Elections for the Balbriggan Ward of Fingal County Council has signed an accord with his fellow candidates to combat racism and hate and work for assimilation and integration in our communities.

Last week, a Coalition of Migrant Led Organisations  including  the Africa Centre, Balbriggan;  African Community; and Balbriggan Integration Forum held voter education and registration at the Flemington Community Centre in Balbriggan.

The organisations called on candidates in the upcoming local elections to sign up to the following five Equality Demands: Ending Racism and Discrimination Against Migrants in Ireland:

1. Denounce racism violence and all forms of discrimination and hate. 2. Promote positive images about minorities in Ireland and at European Level. 3. Adopt strong, comprehensive policies to combat structural racism in support of migrant-led organisations to tackle injustices, discrimination and inequalities experienced by minorities. 4. End all forms of discrimination, criminalization and exclusion of minorities at all levels.  5. Advocate for financial support for migrant-led organisations to engage in their own integration.

Eight candidates attended the event and have signed the call to commit themselves to the implementation of the five points when elected into office.

Niall Keady of Fianna Fail explained, “This is an important initiative in that it provides guidance in the most basic requirements which those who aspire to elected office can deliver. Ensuring our new arrivals feel safe and secure in their new homes and that those of us who were fortunate to be born here continue to welcome and accept them is key to a democratic society. These are ideals we can all aspire to.”

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