Industrial Food waste being Dumped on Balbriggan Beach.

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

Seagulls Balbriggan
PHOTOS: By Owy Ford

Once again there has been an illegal dumping of Industrial scale food waste on balbriggan back beach. For the past several months there have been reports of a large scale dumping events on this beach during the night at low tide. What seems to be happening is a restaurant or food producer is driving down the boat slipway at low tide and dumping large bucket loads of cooked food waste on the beach. The food however is not washed out to sea, it remains on the shoreline for days if not weeks. Seagulls which are already a massive nuisance and danger locally are attracted to a feeding frenzy and what is left includes, cooked bones which are a very dangerous to dogs. Hundreds of people use this beach every day for walking and many take their dogs. A very popular, picturesque area is being ruined by this illegal dumping and must end immediately and the persons responsible fully prosecuted.

Here is my report for 98FM on the issue: LISTEN HERE

Many concerned residents and people who use the area for recreation have contacted me to raise the issue and to seek action to get the perpetrators caught. I have been sent many photographs and details every time this happens including the photos here by local photographer Owy Ford. The only way I felt this would get addressed properly was to involve the press and highlight the issue. On previous occasions the response from officials has been soft, I received the following last October From Fingal County Council Environmental officers “without evidence of who the alleged offender is they are not in a position to progress matters.”

This time I published the photos on my blog facebook page for my website calling on more people to contact the authorities about this. This week I contacted the environmental section in Fingal County Council the response from Fingal County Council I received was “Thank you for your email, the contents of which are noted.” I have also written to several public representatives in an effort to highlight this and demand some action is taken.

One local councillor I spoke to at the weekend and shared the photographs with has assured me they will request covert CCTV for the area.

Balbriggan is a wonderful town and the amount of people contacting me about this and sharing and discussing online show how involved the community are with protecting our town and insuring our tourism and community leisure resources are kept safe. The people of Balbriggan are proud of their town and a massive effort is going into promoting our seaside town we will not allow this horrible defilement of our beaches continue.

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