Canvassing today in my home Village of Balrothery. Youth issues, Busses and more discussed.

Started canvassing this week. Out and about in Balrothery this morning and the response is great. Listening to issues raised on the doors today many very happy with how progress in the village and all welcome new playground and all appreciate the great work Tidy Towns do. Lots of issues however, including the need for more youth and teen facilities. Many people raised problems with public transport to city, over crowded buses lack of busses and many support my idea to bring the existing local link bus that serves Balbriggan Train station, Millfield etc to cover Balrothery too and I have committed to pursue that.

Senator Lorraine Clifford Lee and Niall Keady in Balrothery

Many people seeking traffic calming measures around estates. A lot of serious concern and outrage at poor and illegal parking blocking paths and forcing kids to walk on main roads. The need for paths to Cricket and Rugby Clubs and a pedestrian crossing at Hamilton Park are also welcome initiatives I will pursue.

Senator Lorraine Clifford-Lee joined me today also and we visited the new playground and we chatted with some parents there too. We met Phelim Kelly a neighbour whos involved with local scout group 89th Bremore and Balrothery Tidy Towns and I was telling Senator Clifford-Lee about the wonderful project Phelim has done for the village as he built and installed the Book Swap Box at the gates of Balrothery National School. A great idea where people can borrow books for free and donate books. A really great idea he picked up on his travels. However the Book Box has been victim to vandalism on several occasions, so as a community we need to join together and look out for things like that and help keep our village safe and secure. Well done Phelim and please continue your persistence and when we get better youth facilities and social spaces for young people in Balrothery, they too will learn to respect and cherish what we have.

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