A united community engaging with public bodies and representatives delivers pool for Balbriggan

As spokesperson and member of North Fingal Pool Committee, I welcome developments that Fingal County Council have committed to deliver a Swimming Pool for Balbriggan. A swimming pool which was something that had not previously been a high priority has now been thrust to the top of the agenda and all down to public engagement. In August I wrote a blog for entitled “Castlelands Public Consultation- Balbriggan Keyboard Warriors, your time to shine.” where I listed several issues and items that were needed for Balbriggan, one of which was the need for a Swimming Pool. Calling on Balbriggan people to make submissions to the Castlelands Master plan to include these issues and items. The public consultation had been open several weeks and at that stage, only 20 submissions had been made. Following the call to engage over 300 submissions were made many of which called for a swimming pool. This call was echoed at the Our Balbriggan Strategy public forums and through that public consultation also. I am really grateful to everyone who helped put this on the agenda and I along with the North Fingal Pool Committee will continue to exert pressure and lobby to ensure this is delivered along with other much-needed infrastructure prior to the large-scale housing projects also planned for the area. Roads, amenities and facilities need to come first to accommodate increases in population."

(pictured some of the NFPC members) Niall Keady,Laly Calderon, Áine O'Beirne, Oghenetano John Oghenetano, Garrett Mullan

Read here Statement from North Fingal Pool Committee:

North Fingal Pool campaign extends a massive thankyou to its supporters and the committee are very grateful for the submissions made to the Castlelands Masterplan calling for a Swimming Pool for Balbriggan town and the subsequent calls during the Our Balbriggan strategy public consultations. We have over 2000 supporters and the committee have been meeting regularly since our establishment in early 2018. We are thrilled that our cause is now firmly on the agenda and we will continue to lobby and work with our public representatives to ensure this commitment by Fingal County Council is delivered and development can begin immediately. We are soon to meet again with our local Fingal County Councillors and public representatives, TD and senators most of whom have already committed to meeting at the end of this month. We will also be calling for a meeting with Fingal Chief Executive Paul Reid. North Fingal Pool Committees campaign began as a result of a huge response to a call on social media by local man and activist Anthony Flaherty. A public meeting was held with public representatives and local Fingal Councillors including Tony Murphy, Grainne Maguire and Malachy Quinn. A committee was soon set up and has been meeting regularly to discuss how to make this project a reality. The North Fingal Pool campaign has nearly 2000 followers and they played a big part in getting the demand for a swimming pool on the agenda. Following a call by one of our members Niall Keady through his blog Balbriggan.Net for Balbriggan people to engage with the public consultation process for Castlelands Masterplan and to include a swimming pool the response was overwhelming. The consultation had only attracted 20 responses several weeks into the process. Following the post on in August over 300 people had responded when it closed some days later. The Pool Campaign also asked their followers to raise awareness and demand a swimming pool through the resent Our Balbriggan Strategy consultation process. Niall Keady also met with the leader of the government opposition in September at a Fianna Fail meeting that included Micheál Martin TD, Darragh O'Brien TD & Senator Lorraine Clifford-Lee where he made it clear that it is a hugely important amenity for the area. All agreed and committed to delivering a pool for Balbriggan.

Niall Keady Balbriggan.Net pictured with Micheál Martin TD Darragh O'Brien TD & Senator Lorraine Clifford-Lee

The North Fingal Pool campaign also wish to acknowledge the support they have received from Senator Lorraine Clifford Lee who has raised the matter several times in the Seanad and also to acknowledge the input from Cllrs Barry Martin, Tom O'Leary and in particular Cllr Malachy Quinn whom all raised the issue publicly with Fingal County Council. Cllr Malachy Quinn was predominantly helpful with the establishment of our committee. North Fingal Pool Campaign are committed to ensuring that a swimming pool is delivered for the people of Balbriggan. There have been promises and commitment in the past, interestingly all at election time too, this time however an independent committee is in place and will keep the pressure on and continue to lobby to ensure this becomes a reality.

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