Peace Commissioner
North County Dublin, Fingal, Skerries, Balrothery, Balbriggan

On December 2021 I received my Warrant of Appointment to the office of Peace Commissioner from Helen McEntee TD, Minister for Justice. Serving North Fingal including Balbriggan, Skerries & Balrothery.

A Peace Commissioner is an honorary position in Ireland with special powers and whose role is to primarily taking statutory declarations, and witnessing signatures on documents required by various authorities. Peace Commissioners have the power to issue summons and warrants and to sign certificates and orders under various Acts of the Oireachtas.

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What to Bring

Please bring a proof of ID such as your passport or driving license, a proof of address and originals with copies of documents that you wish to get true copied/attested.


Where a Peace Commissioner is required to witness the signature, please do no presign any document. Signature must be done in front of the Peace Commissioner and dated.


STATUTORY DECLARATIONS ACT, 1938. 2.—(1) Every statutory declaration shall be signed by the person making the same in the presence of the person before whom it is made and shall then be attested by the said person before whom it is made signing an attestation at the foot thereof in the form and containing the particulars set out in the form of statutory declaration in the Schedule to this Act.

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The Role

Peace Commissioners are appointed by the Minister for Justice under Section 88 of the Courts of Justice Act 1924.


The powers and duties of Peace Commissioners consist primarily of:

  • Taking statutory declarations

  • Witnessing signatures on documents if required by various authorities

  • Signing certificates and orders under various Act

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